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Our approach to pricing

We are committed to creating pricing proposals that are clear, fair and competitive.

To help you make an informed choice, we have set out standard pricing examples for selected work categories, along with information relating to the extent of that service and expertise.

Not all legal matters progress in the same way — once we know more about your circumstances, we'll discuss options with you and agree an approach and price that works for you.

For more information on our pricing, visit the relevant area of expertise or contact us directly for further details.

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Alternative pricing options

We offer several different ways you can engage with us, including:

  • Retainers
  • Blended rates
  • Fixed fee pricing
  • Day rates
  • Success fees.

Rates and fixed price work differ according to different categories of work.

To help you get the most from our service, we'll discuss options and agree an approach and price that works for you.

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To start a conversation about how we can work with you to achieve the outcomes you need

Call us on 0345 521 4545 or send a message.