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asb law’s managing partner, Andrew Clinton, was interviewed by Legal Practice Management to provide an insight into how we have restructured our business to align to clients.

asb law reorganised into sales and service delivery teams several years ago and was recognised for its pioneering approach by The Financial Times 2016 Innovative Lawyers Awards. 

Commenting in the article, Andrew said, “We’ve addressed the organisational structure issues that were preventing us from offering clients the best possible service. It’s taken time but there’s real momentum now driving growth across the business”.

The firm's client-centric philosophy is driving growth through service efficiencies and has attracted new, like-minded clients eager to work differently and more effectively.

asb law continues to refine its operations, breaking through out-dated barriers that prevent efficient service delivery and collaborating with clients to create a new model for law.


Read the full article here: asb law sale and scale (PDF)

Or download the September edition of LPM: September issue of LPM

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