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asb law Managing Partner, Andrew Clinton was recently interviewed by business transformation specialist author, Alastair Ross. 

Founder of Codexx, Alastair Ross, spoke to Andrew in a bid to understand how the firm has progressed and to provide insights for other law firms on the threshold of changing their operational approach to service delivery.

asb law worked with Alastair and Codexx in 2011-12 when the firm initiated a programme of learning and development around “lean” and continuous improvement techniques. The new insights set asb law on a path of transformational change which has since been recognised by a number of industry commentators including an acknowledgement in the FT’s Most Innovative Companies in Europe 2016.

Intrigued by the firm’s achievements, Alastair was keen to find out about the transformational progress and steps the firm has taken and, more importantly, what the firm has learned along the way.

The interview has been published as a whitepaper to provide guidance to other professional services firms embarking on significant change projects.

You can download the whitepaper at the Codexx website.

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