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Jonathan is a litigation specialist with over 30 years' practice and has dealt with numerous complex high value disputes in numerous jurisdictions around the world.

Jonathan spent 18 years in private practice and 15 years in-house for KPMG and then Atos, a $11.5bn IT company, employing over 100,000 in 72 countries. Jonathan was Head of Global Litigation at Atos for 11 years, where he managed an international litigation portfolio. He is triple qualified as a Solicitor (England & Wales), a US Attorney (New York) and a Solicitor (Republic of Ireland), and is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

Jonathan has a deep insight into the importance of risk management and was responsible for the Atos group’s Legal Risk Mapping. He has been a regular speaker at legal conferences on matters related to litigation, dispute resolution and risk and is regularly invited to present training sessions for Winmark's Global GC Academy.  He has also published articles on legal risk mapping and sat on the Legal Week litigation and arbitration advisory board and the PLC litigation and risk and advisory board. 

At asb law, Jonathan manages an established team of litigation, employment and risk specialists and ensures that disputes and claims are managed carefully and effectively, and risk identified and addressed. He is a keen advocate of AFAs and innovative solutions.

Recommended in the 2018 Legal 500 directory.

Year of qualification: 1985

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