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Taking a step-by-step approach to secure your future

How we can help

It’s not something anyone particularly wants to think about, but when you’ve worked hard to aquire assets and build your legacy, it’s only natural to do what you can to protect it. We have estate and tax planning specialists to advise you on how to pass on your assets in the most tax-efficient way and save you money in the long term.

This can be anything from helping to write your will and then making sure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death, to setting up and administering trusts.

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Inheritance tax planning

How can I maximise the legacy I leave to my loved ones?

With tax laws constantly changing and evolving, you’d be forgiven for worrying how they could affect the value of the legacy you leave behind. But with careful planning and a dedicated tax law team, we can help you offset a significant amount of inheritance tax.

Every situation is unique, so we often work hand-in-hand with other professional advisors to make sure we adopt the best approach. Together, our experts help you structure your financial affairs and assets in the most tax efficient way and help protect the legacy you leave behind.


How do I make a will that best provides for my loved ones?

Making a will is something many of us don’t quite get around to, even though we know how important it is. We can help write yours quickly and easily, structuring it to make sure your assets are distributed exactly as you want them to be.

We can also deal with any specific needs you may have, from appointing guardians for your children to stating any particular wishes for your funeral and appointing someone to deal with the administration of your estate.

Once you have your will, we’ll also help you keep it up to date in line with any changes to your circumstances.

Professional executors

How can I make sure my estate will be dealt with by people I trust?

When you make your will you’ll need to name your executors – the people you trust and want to deal with the administration of your estate.

If you can’t think of anyone you’d like to appoint as executor or you don’t want to burden loved ones with the task, you could choose one of the partners at asb law instead. You can appoint them either as a sole executor or to act alongside a family member or friend – particularly helpful if you have a complicated asset structure or if executing your will is likely to cause conflict.


What’s involved in setting up a trust fund?

You can use trusts in a wide range of family, commercial and financial situations to protect and administer your assets, minimise your tax liabilities and deal with your pension and life insurance. We help you create your trust either during your lifetime or through your will.

Our tax & estate planning team will point out the options best suited to achieve the outcomes you want. We can also advise your trustees on their duties and responsibilities and on all other aspects of administering trusts.

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Ellen Lambert

Partner, Head of Private Client
Ellen has considerable experience of private client work including wills and estate planning for high net worth individuals.

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