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How we can help

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest single investment we make in our lifetimes. It also has a major impact on quality of life, which is why we deal with the changes you want to make quickly and efficiently, whether you’re buying your first home, remortgaging or transferring equity to someone else.

There are many reasons why you may be looking to buy or sell a property, or even to change your mortgage provider, and we proactively advise you to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

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Residential conveyancing

How can I avoid road blocks when buying or selling a house?

Whether you are buying or selling your family home, or purchasing a property to rent out, we understand that it can be daunting. We will talk you through the process, keeping you up-to-date on what has been done, and the next steps until the keys are in your hands.

If you are purchasing a property at auction, then the conveyancing process is quite different. Contracts are exchanged as soon as your offer is accepted and you usually need to complete within 28 days. Our team is on-hand to advise you on the differences and get the deal completed on time.

Residential conveyancing work varies according to the type of scenario. 

Typical pricing structures for each key scenario are detailed in the links below.

Freehold purchase
Leasehold purchase
Freehold sale
Leasehold sale
Mortgage / re-mortgage
freehold or leasehold


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How easy is it to change my mortgage provider?

Remortgaging is a relatively easy process. However, your lender will still need to carry out a valuation. Title checks will have to be made and searches that you did when you bought your home may well need to be renewed.

We often act for both parties – for you and your new lender – as it avoids duplicating the cost. We will deal with discharging your existing mortgage. 

See details of typical pricing for mortgages and re-mortgages.

Transfer of equity

How can I change the legal owners of my home?

Our team can advise you on the process involved in adding or removing people from the legal register. It’s a simple enough process in itself, but if your property has a mortgage secured against it, you do need your lender’s consent to the transfer. The other party will need to take independent legal advice to ensure there is no conflict.  

We recommend that you take advice from an accountant on any stamp duty implications for payments made to the other party. We work with a number of outside professionals, including accountants, who may be able to assist you if required.

If you are transferring the property as a gift, it may be advisable for you to speak with a member of our tax team regarding any inheritance tax implications that it may have.

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Roundup of property appeal decisions
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Roundup of property appeal decisions

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