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Nuptial and cohabitation agreements for forward thinking couples

How we can help

No-one plans to fail, so thinking about what might happen if your relationship ends before it’s even begun might feel like you are tempting fate. However, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that both you and your partner are protected if your marriage or civil partnership does break down.

These are particularly relevant if you have significant assets (including land or business interests), inheritances, or have been married or in a long-term relationship before – especially if you have children.

If you live together without getting married, we can help you draw up a cohabitation agreement that affords you similar protection to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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Nuptial agreements

What security does a nuptial agreement give me?

Nuptial agreements give you and your partner security and peace of mind should your marriage or civil partnership break down. With everything agreed in advance, it can make the divorce process less stressful and protect your family and financial stability.

You can enter into an agreement before you get married (often known as a pre-nuptial agreement, or 'prenup'), but it is also possible after marriage (often known as a post-nuptial agreement).

Our family law specialists will draft an agreement to your specific needs. This can set out anything from how you jointly manage your finances during your marriage to how your personal and/or business assets should be divided if you split up. We’ll also make sure all the required safeguards are met to ensure it stands up should it be called upon.

Cohabitation agreements

We are living together but not married, what can I expect?

Even if you’ve been living together for several years, you’re still not afforded the same rights as a married couple when it comes to dividing your assets after a break up.

Whether you’re embarking on a new relationship, or are already in one, we can help create an agreement that deals with things like property ownership and what would happen if you separate, or if one of you dies. This can be particularly useful if you have shared responsibility for children.

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