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Honest and objective advice on divorce and separation


How we can help

If your relationship is coming to an end and you’re thinking about divorce or legal separation, you may be worried about your rights and the impact it will have on your life. We will advise you on the options available to you, as well as the financial impact of any decision you make.

We’re based in Crawley and Maidstone but also offer consultations in London and across the South East (including Tunbridge Wells and Brighton). Our family law specialists provide discreet, objective and honest counsel and are happy to arrange meetings at a time and place that suits you.

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To find out more, contact Gail Brooks on 01622 656519

Divorce process

What does getting divorced involve?

Whilst the legal process can be relatively straightforward, it’s the practical and financial aspects that can be harder to resolve. We will work with you, guide you through, and find the best solution for your circumstances.

For straightforward and uncontested divorces, we are happy to offer our services on a fixed fee basis. In more complex cases, a fixed fee may not be appropriate but we will always ensure that we provide complete transparency in relation to our fees. We will provide you with an estimate of the likely costs up-front and ensure that you are regularly updated throughout.

Financial settlements

How do I protect my finances through a divorce?

After children, finances are often the biggest concern. This is true in every walk of life. Whether your main concern is to protect your family home, or you have a complex asset structure with business interests, trust structures, property portfolios, pensions, or inherited wealth to consider, we work with you to take the right approach for your circumstances.

Where required, we can bring in specialists from other teams within the firm, such as tax and trusts, corporate finance and property law to advise on any issue that may arise from your change of circumstances. We also have relationships with outside professionals who may also be able to assist you, including barristers, mediators, financial advisors, property experts, pensions experts, actuaries, accountants and therapists.   

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Are there alternatives to lengthy court procedures?

We recognise that going to court can be an emotional and stressful experience, so if you are looking for a more amicable solution then we are happy to advise you on other options, including Mediation, Arbitration or Collaborative Law.

These alternative routes can often be a quicker and less-costly way to deal with disputes in relation to finances or children but they are not always suitable in every case, so we are happy to advise you on whether or not they will work for you.


What rights do I have if we’re separating and are not married?

We are often approached with questions surrounding common law marriage and what protection it gives to a cohabiting couple when they separate. The simple answer is that, unfortunately, common law marriage does not exist.

Therefore, if you and your partner separate and are unmarried, you may need advice in relation to the best approach to take regarding finances and children. Again we will seek to provide you with clear and pragmatic advice as to your rights and the options available to you.

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Gail Brooks

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Gail has extensive experience in all areas of family law, advising clients on divorce and financial proceedings.

To talk to us about your concerns and find out more about divorce or separation, call Gail on 01622 656519. 

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