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Manage your commercial property and lease agreements to support your business goals.

Resolve your property disputes quickly and cost-effectively to keep your business on-track.

Take the complexity out of your mergers and acquisitions with expert property advice.

How we can help you

Making sure the property you occupy works for your business – and managing it effectively – can be time-consuming.

We can serve you more effectively by putting your property in context and so take the time to visit you to understand how your property serves your business and help you achieve your goals.

Once we have a clear view of your property portfolio we can help you prioritise your activity. Working collaboratively with flexible pricing options, we put you in control to set your budget, fix costs and limit or expand our input depending on your needs.

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Chris Worthington Partner Property Services asb law Maidstone

Chris Worthington

Partner, Property Services
Chris has expertise in property services, focusing on portfolio management, site acquisitions and secured lending.

Tell us a bit about you and the issue and we can get ahead of the game.

Property strategy and management

How can I ensure my property portfolio meets my business needs?

A clear property strategy is an essential part of any business plan. If your property portfolio is fit for purpose, you can control costs and enhance your profitability.

Property can be one of the trickiest costs to manage, as most property holding structures aren’t very flexible. But there are still opportunities in the market that can help you achieve your business goals.

A clearly planned property management strategy can help you make considerable savings in hard property costs like rent, rates and maintenance. It can support your property management team, create productive workflows and better communications, and develop a property portfolio that reflects where your business is now and what it needs going forwards.

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Lease management

How do I stay on top of my property lease agreements?

Any business operating at scale needs ready access to information about its property portfolio. We help you store and track electronic copies of your documents, and make sure they’re immediately available should you need them to deal with any questions that may arise.  

Our document management system lets you quickly see details of freehold and leasehold title information, scanned documents and important dates, all from one secure online access point. 

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Lease acquisition, disposal and vacant property

How do I minimise the costs of leased property?

If you’re considering acquiring a new lease, we’ll support you commercially. We help you start using the property as quickly as possible, taking into account factors that determine the timeline for occupation and how these interact with the grant of the lease.

Some leases include inflexible deadlines for vacating a property, which can lead to significant and avoidable costs if unmanaged. We help mitigate unnecessary costs, make sure you know exactly what’s required to meet any specific conditions and advise on the best exit route, managing potential dilapidations liabilities along the way.

We understand the impact a vacant property can have and work with you to manage and reduce your risks. We’ll help manage the disposal process so you’re in a position to move quickly when opportunities arise.

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Property litigation

What can I do to resolve a property dispute quickly?

When property is an essential part of your business, you need to resolve any disputes as quickly and sensitively as possible to minimise their impact.

The commercial imperative behind any action you take will vary from case to case. You might want to achieve maximum returns from your investment, move quickly to seal a deal or even put the brakes on. Whatever the context, we review every aspect and advise you on the options available to see if you can avoid expensive and time-consuming court intervention.

Working together, we keep you informed and in control throughout the process and, where appropriate, negotiate on your behalf.

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Property in mergers and acquisitions

How do I manage my property portfolio during a business merger or acquisition?

Whether you’re buying, selling or merging with another business, we can help support your property requirements and advise on financing projects that use property as security.

We manage the property disclosure process and are experienced guiding property and legal teams through the deal while handling any questions that may arise. Our advice always puts the property in the context of the wider transaction and considers the relative risks and rewards in play.

Our collaborative approach helps you bypass the time-consuming legal side so you can get your merger or acquisition done quickly and cost-effectively.

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