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Are you looking for a quality alternative to city aviation practices?

How we can help

We’re passionate about aviation and consider ourselves specialists that understand the law rather than just lawyers. Whether you’re a national or international airline, charter company, lessor, airports, MRO, component support company, ground handler, or their insurer, we provide cost-effective advice and guidance.

Strong relationships are at the heart of the aviation industry and are vital to help you operate successfully. This is why we work with you to learn about your business and place in the industry, help foster new connections and strengthen existing relationships while protecting you and your business.

When multi-jurisdictional issues arise, we can call on our network of trusted international correspondents to deliver a seamless service.

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To find out more, contact Daniel James on + 44 (0)1293 603682


Industry expertise

Our cross-disciplinary team works with a range of businesses across the aviation sector. We understand the complex, highly regulated and competitive market in which you operate, as well as the legal and reputational pressures you face. We can advise on appropriate solutions for a number of issues, such as:

Transactions: We manage the sales process for both buyers and sellers of aircraft and aircraft engines. We understand the intricacies of dealing with such high-value items, so we work with you to complete the deal as smoothly and quickly as possible.  

Contracts: No matter what type of contract you are entering in to, our commercial specialists work with the other side to secure the best terms and protect your business. 

Disputes: When issues arise, we work with you to identify the quickest and most suitable method of reaching resolution that is commercially right for you. 

Managing risks: Whatever part of the industry you are in, the interests of your clients, the end user and the wider public need to be safeguarded. We therefore work with you assess potential risks and devise plans to mitigate them. 

For more information, contact Daniel James on + 44 (0)1293 603682
Aviation insurers

We have spent most of our careers looking after aviation insureds and their insurers in a vast range of litigation and arbitration around the world, particularly Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. We represent airlines and aircraft operators, manufacturers, airports, ATC, MROs and other service providers and their insurers in managing claims efficiently and economically whilst protecting the insured’s reputation and business.

Over the years, we have developed a tried and tested network of correspondents around the globe with whom we work closely to ensure that we not only understand local law, but respect local culture in dealing with and seeking to minimise the impact of any loss. We liaise with local civil aviation authorities, investigators and regulators to ensure that our clients’ are properly represented in the immediate aftermath of a loss, as well as subsequent investigations. Where necessary, we will always seek to provide a vigorous defence in any criminal proceedings.

Our team also regularly provides coverage advice on complex insurance issues.

For more information, contact Saleema Brohi on +44 (0)7843 358935 or Tim Brymer on +44 (0)7831 344404

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Daniel James Partner Head of Aviation asb law Crawley

Daniel James

Partner, Head of Aviation
Daniel leads the aviation team and works on aviation related matters. His experience in this sector extends to both contentious and non-contentious work.

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