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"I am very grateful for your efficient and professional manner, which enabled us to meet the tight deadlines, necessary to complete the sale. Your colleagues at asb law have helped us before with commercial transactions, and I will very happy to approach you again, when the time arises."

A conveyancing client

"Abigail, thank you ever so much for all your support to us during this difficult process, we could not have achieved this result without your guidance at every stage in the process."

"It is so unusual to find someone who no matter how tough things are is still willing and desirous to broaden and deepen their involvement, and who is only interested in doing things correctly, and never expediently. “[Nikki] displays an intuitive understanding of the relative merits of a range of strategies that would often be unusual in someone with considerably more experience."

Selling shareholder of Big Box Self Storage Company Limited

"You guys have put in an absolutely stellar effort in getting this complex transaction across the line. I want to extend a special, personal thank you to Kate for always making herself available for consultation at the drop of a hat and staying late on numerous occasions to ensure problems are resolved with utmost speed and professionalism. Thanks guys and well done!"

Louis Fitzsimmons - Director, Harvard Knight

"“I would like to confirm how pleased I have been for the work you have undertaken for us and more importantly the support that you have given. It was very much a partnership which is refreshing!”"

MD, KMG Independent Limited

"Thank you so much, you have made the last few days much easier for us and I shall recommend your services to friends and family."

Feedback from an individual on the opposite side of a property transaction

"Thanks...You’ve been a real star and very patient."


"asb law’s ‘secret weapon’"

The Lawyer’s Hot 100 Report 2016

"thank you so much, service has been brilliant"


"you’ve been brilliant on this and it’s much appreciated"


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