Kent MegaGrowth 2016 - another year and another set of stunning growth numbers from Kent's turbo-charged businesses


Kent MegaGrowth 2016 - another year and another set of stunning growth numbers from Kent's turbo-charged businesses

Kent MegaGrowth 2016asb law is proud to sponsor the Kent MegaGrowth Awards which were announced yesterday at Turkey Mill in Maidstone. These awards are now celebrating their 15th year and recognise the 50 fastest growing private companies in Kent.

MG50 Winner 2016Topping the MegaGrowth list for 2016 was Drink Warehouse UK, based in Ramsgate, with an outstanding turnover growth of 251% over the past 3 years. Managing Director Mick Curtis, explained: "From the start, my business partner and I wanted to bring a fresh approach to a traditionally old-fashioned trade. This meant going beyond being just a wholesaler. We realised it includes extending our services beyond the point of sale, providing our customers with brand support for their bar, complimentary tailored wine menus, websites, staff training and wine tastings. We believe going this extra step with our customers is an adage to our success and has helped us grow."

Shaun Kelly, Business Consultant at asb law LLP has met with most of the MegaGrowth companies in the run up to the Awards breakfast and commented: "It's the stories behind the numbers that shine through in this year's Kent MegaGrowth cohort. I would categorise them into three themes that we've seen which formulate the perfect ‘Triple A Rated’ SME.

1. They are ambitious. They have a stretching plan that is adhered to and resourced. Good communication ensures all staff are pulling in the same direction and are motivated to do so. Furthermore, the owners tend to build a strong middle management team to run the daily operations thus liberating their own time to deliver the big strategic goals.

2. They are adding value. Most MegaGrowth businesses in Kent do more than just deliver a commoditised product or service. They bring something extra to the client to differentiate from the price driven mass market. It could be bolting on consultancy, design, project management, class leading delivery, access to client groups or market intelligence. It could even be a warm smile and brilliant customer care.

3. They are attractive. Our stars simply shine out from the crowd. This is fairly intangible as a business strength but perhaps that's the magic? When I walk into a MegaGrowth company there's generally a buzz, a positive environment and a sense of energy. Not just from the owners, but the staff are quite simply nice to deal with and are an amazing shop window for the business. We all like the ‘wow factor’ and MegaGrowth award winners tend to have it.

Yes, there are challenges and uncertainty out there. But if these businesses stick to what they're good at and focus on the things they can influence then they will continue to thrive. I salute our MegaGrowth heroes. The backbone of the Kent economy.”

The full list of Kent MegaGrowth 2016 companies and their growth rates is available here

Shaun Kelly, Business Consultant, asb law LLP

asb law helps its clients maximise business efficiency and achieve sustainable growth, while minimising exposure to risk. Whether you are looking for strategic advice or a rapid response to an unexpected issue, please contact Shaun Kelly to start a conversation on 01622 656671.

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Published: 3 Nov 2016

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