Specialist knowledge increases compensation by nearly 600%

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Specialist knowledge increases compensation by nearly 600%

When our client suffered a vicious assault in June 2007, his injuries included a brain injury that went unrecognised by his original advisers.

He eventually agreed an award of £9,895 with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in August 2009, but it was only the intervention of one of the medical experts treating him in June 2011 - a full four years after the assault, which reflects the nature of the injuries - that led to his case being reconsidered.

Barry Osborn, a senior litigation executive in our specialist personal injury division, reviewed the claim and persuaded the CICA that the claim had been under-settled in 2009 given the long term nature of the client’s injuries and losses.  Barry subsequently negotiated a revised settlement which amounted to £58,300 more than the original award.

For the first time in several years our client is now able to focus on his recovery, without the threat of losing his home hanging over him.

Published: 17 Feb 2012

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