Adding to your wedding check list

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Adding to your wedding check list


Since the news broke of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement, there have been numerous articles and new stories detailing the arrangements for the couple’s springtime wedding.  In the whirlwind of an engagement though, little thought is often given to protecting your assets should the unthinkable happen. 


Understandably, pre-nuptial agreements are often considered the antithesis of romance – viewed as something simply to protect a wealthier spouse. However, a well written nuptial agreement is there to protect both parties should the couple later decide to go their separate ways. Having one in place could mean less animosity during the separation as arrangements have already been considered and agreed. This can be particularly beneficial in circumstances where children are involved. 


If either of you has substantial assets, or one/both of you have children to consider from a previous relationship, you may wish to consider adding ‘advice on nuptial agreement’ to your wedding checklist. If you are already married and wish to have a more formal arrangement in place, you could still consider a post-nuptial agreement.

Natalie Suret, Solicitor, Private Client, asb lawFore more information about nuptial agreements, please contact a member of the family team. 
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Published: 4 Dec 2017

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