New year, new beginnings?

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New year, new beginnings?

Why is it that year on year, couples separate shortly after the Christmas holiday?


Unfortunately, statistics continue to show that many couples call time on their relationship shortly after Christmas. For some, the festive period is used as a last ditch attempt to save a marriage or relationship; for others, the thought of breaking up before Christmas, particularly when there are children to consider, is too much to bear; others perhaps feel that with a new year approaching now is ‘as good a time as any for a fresh start.’ Whichever bracket you may find yourself falling into; you are not alone.


At this difficult time, it is important to ensure that you have a good support network around you - family, friends and, at some point or another, professional advisors. Separating can be a daunting process and turning to professionals for advice and support can be invaluable. There will inevitably be a number of issues which need to be considered; care arrangements for any children; divorce proceedings – who should petition for divorce; what is the process; how do you divide the matrimonial assets?


Some couples are able to agree matters amicably and quickly between themselves; others require a little more help. In either eventuality, any couple going through a separation should at the very least seek some legal advice about their rights, obligations and options so that they can be satisfied, when discussing matters with their spouse, that they are entering into fair and appropriate agreements with one another regarding their respective futures.


At asb law, we’re alive to the sensitivities involved in any relationship breakdown and work with our clients to achieve the outcome they’re looking for. We’ll bring tact and diplomacy to enable the couple to move forward as amicably as possible. After all, when the dust finally settles, family ties do continue long after a relationship ends.


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Relationships do fall apart all too frequently but that doesn't make it any easier for the people involved. Inevitably, it's an emotional and stressful situation, and the down-to-earth, objective approach of an experienced adviser will help you get through it.


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Published: 3 Feb 2016

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