Ministry of Justice raises fees for divorce

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Ministry of Justice raises fees for divorce


The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that the House of Lords has approved a rise in divorce fees with the cost of filing a divorce petition increasing from £410 to £550. This confirmation comes just a few days prior to the changes taking effect on 21 March 2016.


Times are hard and taxes may be inevitable, however the 35% increase in court fees, labelled a ‘tax on divorce’, has been met with significant opposition. The lack of formal consultation and proper announcement means that, in reality, most people shall not have time to get their petition into Court before the fee increase takes effect. President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has commented that the rise appears ‘unattractive’ and has voiced his concerns about the potential sale of justice, particularly in a captive market where the only choice is to proceed with what is available or not to proceed at all.


Whether your divorce is going to be straightforward or complicated may not be immediately obvious, so the best thing to do is arrange an initial appointment with one of our team so that you can be advised accordingly, along with discussing our fixed fee divorce package.



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Published: 18 Mar 2016

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