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If you ask, you’ll find we can offer an opinion on most things.  Actually, you don’t usually need to ask!

Here you will find articles commissioned for publication in the regional and trade press, articles produced for our e-bulletins, and pieces we’ve written just for the website to offer some insight into what’s happening in the legal world, what we think about it – and what the implications are.

  • Article - 30 May 2018
    From Ego to Eco
    Managing Partner, Andrew Clinton, explores how law firms and legal providers can work together with legal departments to deliver greater value.... READ MORE
  • Article - 17 May 2018
    Viability calculations for affordable housing called into question
    A High Court’s ruling in favour of a Council’s planning decision may have a significant impact for developers in respect of affordable housing calculations.... READ MORE
  • Article - 1 May 2018
    A Prenuptial agreement isn’t worth the papers it’s written on – or is it?
    In recent years, nuptial agreements have been increasingly accepted by the courts as a way for the parties to set out their intentions if they were to later separate. Whilst they are technically not binding, the Courts are prepared to follow the agreements, provided they follow certain guidelines and are reasonable; how much weight they will be given will ultimately depend upon the position at the time of the divorce.... READ MORE
  • Article - 13 Apr 2018
    Can you afford to lose 40% of the value of your business?
    As a business owner, you are probably aware that your company shares could be free of inheritance tax (IHT) provided the assets qualify for full business property relief (BPR). With IHT charged at a rate of 40%, this exemption can represent a significant saving.... READ MORE
  • Article - 12 Apr 2018
    Parental Alienation
    Parental alienation by one parent towards another is increasing recognised in child arrangement cases as a form of harm against the child.... READ MORE
  • Article - 5 Apr 2018
    Changes to the tax treatment of employee termination payments
    From the 6 April 2018, reforms to the taxation of employee termination payments will take effect. Where an employee’s termination date occurs on or after the 6 April these new rules will apply.... READ MORE
  • Article - 30 Mar 2018
    The ground rent debate
    Ground rent on residential properties should be capped, but not abolished according to the results of the recent Government consultation.... READ MORE
  • Article - 22 Feb 2018
    Measures to bypass Brexit's potential pitfalls
    As Brexit uncertainty continues, Russell Bell provides some practical guidance to help guard you against some of the possible outcomes.... READ MORE
  • Article - 21 Feb 2018
    Changing families - are you protected?
    We are often approached with questions surrounding common law marriage and what protection it gives to a cohabiting couple - the simple answer is it doesn't exist!... READ MORE
  • Article - 21 Feb 2018
    The dynamics of legal relationships
    To coincide with the CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) Institute’s inaugural EMEA conference, asb law and Elevate jointly hosted a dinner of GCs and Heads of Legal Operations on 23 January 2018.... READ MORE

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