Andy Taylor
Partner, Head of Recovery & Insolvency


Personal insolvency & recovery


Andy Taylor
Partner, Head of Recovery & Insolvency

Personal insolvency & recovery

We put together a strategy to not only preserve your assets and livelihood when times are good, but also to protect your business and personal financial future when they’re not so good.

A major concern for people facing bankruptcy is that you could lose your home. One of our primary roles is to safeguard your personal interests as an individual company director or business owner.

As with most things, prevention is better than cure and so the earlier you consult us, the better we are able manage the situation and protect your interests.

We’ll do all we can to ensure your position is protected.

We have considerable experience in advising both trustees in bankruptcy and non-bankrupt joint owners of property and the matrimonial home, so we’re well-placed to negotiate on your behalf.

We also advise in situations where you dispute the bankruptcy order or wish to negotiate a settlement with your creditors (annulment of bankruptcy).

We frequently advise on personal insolvency situations, including complex bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

We also have particular expertise in advising insolvent professional partnerships.

Investigation services

We investigate cases from raw data, such as accounting records and financial statements, without the need to involve an insolvency practitioner.

This means we examine the financial position of debtors and directors to assist in assessing the viability of taking recovery actions through the court process.

Andy Taylor, Partner, Head of Recovery & InsolvencyFor more information on personal insolvency & recovery and for an initial conversation on how we can help you please contact Andy Taylor, Partner, Head of Recovery & Insolvency.

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