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Travel technology


Travel technology

Travel technology law infographic - The digital revolution

See our travel technology law infographic

With so much travel marketed and traded online, your need for tailored, creative legal advice that helps you capitalise on the benefits of new technologies has grown massively in recent years.

Your ideal legal partner will:

  • understand the specific needs of the travel industry
  • know what’s happening in travel related technology
  • take account of sector specific issues in applying legal knowledge to practice
  • package and present this information succinctly and advise you on your best way forward

Fortunately, our team includes lawyers who not only have acknowledged expertise in IT, but also a sound understanding of the travel sector.

Our expertise has developed over a number of years through numerous relationships with key players in the travel sector. We assist you in operating effectively.

There’s a range of issues that you need to be aware of, from on-line contract formation and distance selling, to website protection and operation of back office systems. You will also have issues relating to intellectual property.

We help with:

  • IT infrastructure and issues relating to back-office systems, licensing of software, support, maintenance and service level agreements with IT suppliers
  • data protection and capture, marketing and privacy issues
  • data processing, transfer of data and compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • data hosting arrangements and notification under the Data Protection Act
  • website governance, protection of content and online bookings
  • screen scraping
  • disclaimers and website policies
  • domain name disputes
  • management of online contract formation, distance selling and e-commerce issues

Whilst we’re addressing all these issues you can concentrate on maximising revenue from on-line sales.

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Or for more information on travel technology and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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