Tania Clench
Associate, Head of Charities & Education


Who we work with

Charities & Education


Tania Clench
Associate, Head of Charities & Education


Who we work with

asb law has a long history of working with clients in the charity and not-for-profit sectors throughout the South East.  We focus on:

  • Charities
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Independent schools
  • FE Colleges    
  • Academies

We currently represent over 100 such organisations - national, regional and local - whose main interests include:

  • health and disabilities
  • community (children, youth and senior citizens)
  • culture and recreation
  • education
  • religion
  • medical research, hospices and social welfare
  • animal welfare
  • sport
  • environment

Founding members of the South East Region Charities Forum

South East Regional Charities asb law, together with Kingston Smith LLP and D’Arcy Myers, chief executive of Wessex Heartbeat, facilitate a discussion forum for charity CEOs across the South East. The forum launched in January 2010 and has 30 active participating charities who meet regularly to share knowledge, experience and best practice with a view to developing stronger leadership and management in the region and the sector.

For more details visit www.southeastcharityforum.org