Improve efficiency, the use of funds and the delivery of benefits and services through imaginative approaches to joint working

To extend your charity’s reach.

To expand service delivery.

To rescue and preserve the assets of a charity in difficulty.

Whatever the motive for a merger or other collaborative arrangement, the experience is always unique.

Getting legal advice from people who understand the particular sensitivities you might be facing will save you time, energy and money in the long run. None of which you can afford to waste.

We can help you consider the most effective approach for your organisation and manage the merger process successfully. We advise on:

  • legal due diligence
  • the merger solution and structure of merged entity
  • governing document review 
  • staff consultation and TUPE
  • property transfer
  • restricted funds

For more information on charity mergers and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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