Your charity’s governing body is the guardian of your vision, values and reputation. Good governance is key to an effective and successful charity. 

Charity trustees have a duty to act in accordance with the legal and regulatory frameworks affecting their organisation. Identifying your legal obligations, what is good practice and whether you can do things differently, can sometimes be difficult. 

To achieve best practice we help you:

  • make sure you have the appropriate structure and governing document to enable you to achieve your charity's objects
  • review your governing document and codes of practice to ensure these are appropriate, relevant and compliant with changes in regulation
  • agree the right structure to deliver your services

Governance is not just about charity trustees and how you work together as a governing body: it is about ensuring that the governing body works effectively with the rest of your charity’s staff and volunteers. 

Your governance needs will change according to a number of factors:

  • where you are at in your charity’s evolution
  • the skills and experience of your charity trustees 
  • the management resources available to fulfil operational requirements

Regular operational and governance health checks will keep your organisation on track.

For more information on governance for charities and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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