Andrew Frake
Associate, Dispute Resolution


Dispute resolution & fraud



Andrew Frake
Associate, Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution & fraud

For charities it’s essential that potential disputes or misconduct are managed swiftly and appropriately.

Managing disputes

At the outset of a claim, whether you are the defendant or the claimant, we help you assess the potential risks and the likely implications on your charity’s reputation or business.

We’ll always consider alternatives to litigation in an attempt to resolve disputes in a manner satisfactory to all parties. But if Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) isn’t a viable option, our experienced litigators will represent you throughout the court process.

We will help you decide whether it is in the interests of the charity to pursue a particular course of action and whether it is appropriate use of the charity's funds.


Charities, sadly, are not immune to fraudulent activity. It is a particularly sensitive area and extremely damaging to staff morale and your public profile. 

We help you develop robust procedures to prevent fraud, and if a fraud is detected we will seek to protect the charity from further loss and recover monies or assets lost.

See What to do if you suspect fraud – checklist

Andrew Frake, Associate, Dispute ResolutionFor more information on dispute resolution & fraud services for charities and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact Andrew Frake, Associate, Dispute Resolution.

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