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Fixed fee engine sales

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Alina Nosek
Partner, Aviation & Commercial

Fixed fee engine sales

The transfer of aircraft engines is an intricate process. When you’re dealing with such high value items, often with complex provenance, involving regulatory and compliance concerns and crossing multiple jurisdictions, mistakes and inefficiencies cannot be tolerated. 

A smoother ride
To help eradicate the uncertainties inherent with any sale, we have developed a fixed fee service.

Our recognised aviation law experts have broad experience in aviation transactions having managed the sales process for both buyers and sellers of aircraft engines.

With costs, time and resource uncertainties a priority, we commit to a fixed fee service, providing you with the peace of mind that all the legal groundwork and critical terms are met.

What is included?

  • Draft/review letter of intent/term sheet
  • Draft engine sale agreement
  • Negotiate amendments with the buyer
  • Draft conditions precedent for the seller
  • Ensure the buyer complies with the seller’s conditions precedent
  • Attend/arrange closing.

At a reasonable rate
We will talk to you to scope the transaction and agreed a fixed fee.
The fee will be on the assumption that the sale does not abort. If funding is required for the transaction, a separate fee will be applicable for dealing with the finance documentation.

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