Media, marketing & distribution

Media, marketing & distribution


Media, marketing & distribution

How you reach your target audience and get your products or services to market plays a key role in your profitability and success.

Our commercial team can assist you in making these arrangements. We’ll help you ensure your marketing strategy and distribution arrangements comply with relevant regulations.

We can also advise and assist you on strategies relating to exploitation of works, and how the marketing and distribution of those works will be undertaken, including the commercial risk to your business.

The types of arrangements we can help with include:

  • advice on advertising and marketing legislation and guidance, including review of wording for promotions and offers in line with advertising standards
  • franchise agreements
  • agency and distribution arrangements 
  • advice in connection with Privacy Regulations and cookies, including use of personal data for marketing purposes
  • use of media: sponsorship agreements, film production agreements, use of location agreements, film distribution contracts, use of copyright materials licences (including music and content)
  • publishing contracts for copyright works

For more information on media, marketing and distribution and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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