Information technology

Information technology


Information technology

UK_leading_firm_2015The law often finds it difficult to keep up with developments in information technology.  Hardly surprising when you consider the pace of change.

Your investment in new technology to drive sales or streamline your business processes is of strategic importance, and ensuring you keep up-to-date is vital.

The problem is that the solutions designed to make your operations run more smoothly and cost-effectively may add Chambers 2016 Leading Firmto your administration; the multitude of contracts and agreements surrounding your technological infrastructure all need close control and monitoring.

Our specialists have an excellent appreciation of the practicalities of buying, contracting, implementing and managing IT systems. We also keep a close eye on new legislation so we can advise and guide you through your project.

Our experience covers:

  • development and licensing of software
  • provision of hardware and firmware and services relating to IT infrastructures 
  • IT system hosting contracts including issues relating to application access, remote hosting in a ‘cloud’ environment and data storage
  • support and maintenance arrangements and service level contracts
  • procurement and delivery of IT systems, including tender documentation
  • protection of information and data
  • outsourcing projects
  • IT disputes

Protecting your intellectual property is an important part of how IT systems operate and you need to consider who has the right to do what in connection with your technology. Whether you are providing or buying technology, we can advise you.

For more information on information technology services and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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