Agency & distribution

Agency & distribution


Agency & distribution

If you sell through a network of third parties with specialist sector knowledge or extended geographical spread, consider which route to market meets your objectives.

We can help you determine whether to appoint an agent or a distributor. 

Dividing markets by reference to territory, sector or customers can be problematic. We review any territorial appointments and ensure that any restrictions imposed do not contravene competition law or prevent you complying with obligations under existing arrangements.

We help you:

  • draft and negotiate agency agreements and distribution agreements
  • understand and comply with territorial restrictions 
  • comprehend competition issues
  • ascertain product liability issues
  • deal with international aspects including overseas enforcement
  • manage brand usage and protection 
  • license intellectual property rights
  • plan termination and run off arrangements
  • negotiate exclusive and non exclusive appointments
  • set pricing, payment terms and commission structures 
  • agree credit terms and retention of title

For more information on agency and distribution and to start a conversation on how we can help you please contact the commercial team.

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